Bloodstone, Lapis, Red Tiger Eye & White Howlite Bracelet

Bloodstone, Lapis, Red Tiger Eye & White Howlite Bracelet

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Bloodstone - Great for blood circulation - Removes energy blocks. 


Lapis Lazuli - Helps to relieve worries - Increase concentration - Helps to decrease stress and anxiety levels - Helps with aches and pains from the eyes, head, bones, etc.  


Red Tiger Eye - Brings insight and clear thinking - Focuses the mind - Brings good luck - Protection from people who wish negativity or harm towards the wearer


White Howlite - A calm and peaceful stone - Helps to reduce anxiety and stress - Encourages emotional healing and removing selfish, rude and greedy behaviors - Helps the bones.


8mm beads.




Processing Time: keep in mind these pieces are all handmade. The process takes about 3-5 days (not counting shipping time).


Bracelet Materials:


Genuine Semi Precious Stones- Highest Quality 

Strong Elastic Band .7mm

Sterling Silver Accents

Vermeil Accents